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Bailey's Discount

Bailey's Discount Center

Bailey's has furniture too!

Just down the road right in Toto is Richard's. They have lots to see and lots to buy AND a cafe too.

Richard's at Toto

Bailey's Discount Center is so BIG that you just have to see it to believe it. It is one of the reasons that many people travel to Toto, Indiana. With 5 acres of shopping to cover, you may need to rest but it's ok...there is an Orange Julius and a Dairy Queen in the front. What more could you ask for? Shopping and food!

...and shop, and shop, and shop, and shop, and shop, and shop, and ...

If you haven't been to Toto, well it's almost indescribable. But all roads really do lead to Toto and you won't believe what you will either pass on the way there or see when you arrive.

While in Toto make sure you visit Toto Treasures and Waldrop's Grocery too.


While in Starke County...